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terms of sale

These terms of sale and delivery apply to all offers, sales and deliveries unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.

All prices are in Danish kroner and exclusive VAT. inu:it a / s 'prices are stated in inu:it a / s' current price list or a specific offer, which also contains information on delivery costs calculated by inu:it a / s as a result of changes in exchange rates , customs, taxes, taxes, etc. regarding the agreed delivery.

If a manufacturer of a product offers special pricing of products, the buyer must, within 10 days, at the request of inu it a / s, supply to inu:it a / s a ​​copy of proof of receipt of the goods and submit a copy of the invoice. The buyer is obliged to comply with the guidelines of both the manufacturer and inu:it a / s regarding such projects. This also applies during the period for storing information derived from these projects in accordance with commercial and fiscal legislation and regulation.

In the event that the buyer violates inu:it a / s' or the manufacturer's guidelines, inu: it a / s has the right to invoice the buyer for any unduly charged or paid amount, and inu:it a / s and / or the manufacturer may exclude the buyer from participating in future projects.

Payment must be made by the date the invoice indicates the last due date of payment. As a general rule, payment must be made in net cash. If a last due date of payment is not specified, payment must be made in cash on delivery. If payment is made after the due date, Inu:it a / s is entitled to calculate interest and repayment fees on the payment due at any time by 2% per annum. month until the due date is paid. Buyer's payments are first written off on accrued interest and expenses. Then on the debt.

Buyer is not entitled to set off any counterclaims on inu:it a / s, which is not acknowledged in writing by inu it a / s, and is not entitled to withhold any part of the purchase price due to claims of any kind. If delivery is postponed due to the circumstances of the buyer, the buyer is obliged to pay to inu it a / s, as if delivery had been made at the agreed time. Inu:it a / s may waive this by written notice.

Inu:it a / s reserves the ownership of delivered goods until the entire purchase price, including delivery costs and any. interest and costs are paid in full.

Delivery takes place from stock Danish address. Delivery is at the buyer's expense, unless it is expressly stated that the delivery costs are included in the price. The delivery time is determined by inu:it a / s according to inu:it a / s best estimate in accordance with the circumstances that exist at the time of the tender or the conclusion of the contract.

Inu:it a / s cannot be held responsible for delays in deliveries, but will always strive for timely delivery. Transport insurance is charged as 0.4 percent of invoiced item amount + freight as well as 10% imaginary profit.

All products, spare parts, technical data, software and documentation may be subject to import and export laws, regulations and other regulations including, but not limited to, regulations from Denmark, the European Union, the United States of America and the importing country in question. in case the buyer exports the goods. The Buyer is required to comply with all import and export legislation and regulations and obtain all necessary permits and / or licenses as a result.

Goods are generally not returned. In special cases, return of goods / cancellation of orders can be made by prior written agreement, and only applies to stock items in unopened original packaging. Orders and orders for PCs and Notebooks cannot be canceled and cannot be returned. Inu:it a / s reserves the right to make a return fee of 15% of the invoice value, including shipping from the supplier and return to the supplier, when returning goods / canceling orders, however min. DKK 350, -. The goods are credited at current daily prices.

Reservations are made for errors and changes in information in brochures and other sales material. Any errors and changes cannot be claimed against inu: it a / s.

Inu:it a / s reserves the right to change the products or parts thereof without notice if this is done without any functional disadvantage for the buyer.

All trademarks on the Products are and remain the property of their respective licensors. Use of these trademarks requires the prior permission of the respective licensees. All use and delivery of software is governed by the license agreement accompanying the item. Software included in the delivery / commodity is transferred to commercial buyers for one resale and to consumers solely for use, meaning that consumers may not copy or transfer the software to others [use] *. The right to repeated use of the software requires a special written agreement with the licensor concerned.

Inu:it a / s disclaims any responsibility for the purchaser's infringement of intellectual property in the event that goods are exported from the country in which inu:it a / s has delivered the goods, since inu:it a / s cannot guarantee the buyer , that rights to use the product in the country concerned are covered by the license agreement.

* depending on the license agreements in question

Upon delivery, the buyer must immediately make such an examination of the sold which requires proper business use. If the buyer wishes to claim a defect, the buyer must immediately and within 48 hours from the date of receipt, give inu:it a / s written notice thereof and state in which the defect exists. If the buyer has discovered or should have discovered the defect and does not advertise as stated, the buyer can not later claim the defect. Inu:it a / s is free to choose to remedy the defect or to deliver.

Changes or interventions in the purchased without inu: it a / s' written consent exempt inu:it a / s from any obligation. If so requested by Inu:it a / s, the buyer shall immediately return the complaint, at the buyer's expense and risk, to the allegedly defective item to inu it a / s in original packaging. Inu:it a / s reserves the right at any time to receive only the allegedly defective part.

If inu:it a / s has undertaken to provide service through a separate agreement to this effect, the service obligation includes only the products sold. Inu: it a / s reserves the right to test goods which are alleged to be defective. If inu:it a / s finds the item OK after testing, it must be expected that the item is returned with a bill for work done. Only after testing will inu:it a / s make a possible. exchange / credit.

Exchange: The item is exchanged with the corresponding item and quantity received back.

A claim for damages against inu:it a / s cannot exceed the invoice amount for the item sold. Inu:it a / s' liability is limited to direct losses, and inu:it a / s is not liable for operating losses, loss of profits or other indirect losses. Inu it a / s is not responsible for any delays or defects arising from the remedy or replacement or attempt thereof.

Inu:it a / s is not liable if the following conditions prevent fulfillment of the purchase or make fulfillment unreasonably burdensome.

Labor conflict or other circumstances over which the parties are not masters, such as fire, war, mobilization or the like, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, riots and disturbances, lack of means of transport, general scarcity of goods, restrictions on power and the absence or delay of deliveries from subcontractors, such as is due to any of the circumstances or other circumstances mentioned in this paragraph which have made it materially difficult to fulfill the agreement.

Circumstances as mentioned that occurred prior to the submission of the offer / the conclusion of the contract only give rise to liability if their influence on the fulfillment of the agreement could not be foreseen at this time. The products are designed for general commercial use. Use of the products in critical systems including security, nuclear, military facilities / installations, utilities, life-saving installations or for the manufacture of weapons is not permitted unless written permission is obtained from the manufacturer concerned.

To the extent that otherwise does not follow from Greenland's mandatory rules on product liability, the following restrictions apply: Inu:it a / s is only liable for damage caused by one of inu:it a / s delivered to the extent that it can be proved that the damage is due inu:it a / s' failure or neglect.

Inu:it a / s is entitled to assign all rights and obligations under the agreement to third parties.

Any dispute between inu:it a / s and the buyer must be settled under Danish law.

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