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free seminar in collaboration with inu: it free seminar in collaboration with inu: it 06. November 2019

free seminar in collaboration with inu: it

Large as well as small companies today use an ERP solution for an easier working day. Many people probably know programs like C5 and NAV, without fully knowing that it is actually an ERP solution. It is something that one unconsciously uses in everyday life and that just works when it should. But - can this be done better in your particular business?

ERP is an area of ​​rapid development. Not only in the big software houses, but also among the companies. More and more people are using an ERP solution to connect work processes across the company's departments, warehousing, purchasing, sales, finance, production, etc. With the right ERP setup, you grow your business and focus on efficiency. What is saved, so to speak, is earned. Therefore, with the right ERP solution, you can streamline your business.

It is important that you, as a business owner, have an active attitude towards your ERP solution - even if you are not necessarily an expert yourself. That's why inu: it now invites you to a free seminar where we have ERP in focus.

We are getting closer to what the future brings and showing how Business Central works. During the day you will also have the opportunity to meet Lessor, AMC Banking and Toolpack, where we will talk about how the systems interact with Business Central 365. We will go deeper with functionalities and how you as a company facilitate daily work and shorten work processes using of Business Central. The goal is for the systems to facilitate your working hours so that you can concentrate on the tasks that you find interesting in your business.

Program for the day:

08.00: Registration & Breakfast
08.30: Welcome and the future with C5 or ???
9.00am: Microsoft Business Central, Microsoft Office 365
9.45am: Small Break
10.00: Lessor5 - the future wage system in Greenland
11.00: ToolPack365® Budgets etc.
11.45am: Breakfast
12.30pm: Office 365 - how to get more out of Microsoft Cloud
13.15: AMC Banking (Bank payments directly in your ERP system)
14.00: Question - Rounding, Networking
14.15 (approx.): Completion



Hotel Hans Egede
Aqqusinersuaq, Nuuk 3900

A light breakfast and some lunch, tea, coffee and water will be served during the day.

If you have any questions, please contact:

inu: it Nuuk: Sales department tel. 365502


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Welcome to a nice day focusing on your company's future ERP solution