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From thought to action, the road must be short - but extremely well planed. This will cause the least possible nuisance to the customer. When carrying out an implementation project, we always work on three objectives:

  • Our planning must be thorough
  • We need to know all the details before we start
  • We must minimize the inconvenience to the customer

Successful implementation is all about proper preparation. Correct definition of the task, description of interdependencies and planning in relation to the implementation process itself are essential. All too often, it is seen that implementing both minor changes and major restructures results in inappropriate errors, operational disruptions or even crashes.

It is therefore imperative that we know all the details before starting the implementation itself. Good preparation is therefore the cornerstone that sets the course for the rest of the project. When we are ready to make the final implementation, due to our flexibility, we can plan it so that we disrupt customer operations as little as possible.

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